Enzo 2.1 documentation

Enzo Primary ReferencesΒΆ

The Enzo method paper is not yet complete. However, there are several papers that describe the numerical methods used in Enzo, and this documentation contains a brief outline of the essential physics in Enzo, in Enzo Algorithms. Two general references (that should be considered to stand in for the method paper) are:

Three somewhat older conferences proceedings are also relevant:

  • Simulating X-Ray Clusters with Adaptive Mesh Refinement by Bryan and Norman. In “Computational Astrophysics; 12th Kingston Meeting on Theoretical Astrophysics;” proceedings of meeting held in Halifax; Nova Scotia; Canada October 17-19; 1996, ASP Conference Series #123, edited by D. A. Clarke and M. J. West., p. 363. Bibtex entry
  • A Hybrid AMR Application for Cosmology and Astrophysics by Bryan and Norman. In “Workshop on Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Grid Methods”, Mar. 1997, ed. N. Chrisochoides. Bibtex entry
  • Cosmological Adaptive Mesh Refinement by Norman and Bryan. In “Numerical Astrophysics : Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Astrophysics 1998 (NAP98),” held at the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo, Japan, March 10-13, 1998. Edited by Shoken M. Miyama, Kohji Tomisaka, and Tomoyuki Hanawa. Boston, Mass. : Kluwer Academic, 1999. (Astrophysics and space science library ; v. 240), p.19 Bibtex entry

The primary hydrodynamics methods are PPM and ZEUS, as described in the following two papers:

The extension of PPM to cosmology can be found here:

The AMR method used in Enzo can be found here:

The YT papers can be found here: