Enzo 2.4 documentation

Fine Grained Output¶

When making significant changes to Enzo that have non-local impact, such as adding a new accretion mechanism for sink particles or face centered magnetic fields, there are many places to introduce errors. In order to examine the effect of changes at specific points in the code, one can use ExtraOutputs. This run time parameter makes a call to WriteAllData at various points in EvolveLevel. For instance, putting:

ExtraOutput = 1
StopCycle = 2
MaximumRefinementLevel = 0

will cause:


to be written, along with your regular outputs. With one level of refinement, six outputs will be written. The relation between output number and position is below. Up to 10 output points can be specified.

Unraveling what output gets written when can be a challenge. One technique is to run with -d, and use the following command:

egrep "^Level||ExtraOutput" output.log

on the output log, which will show what output gets called on which level, and a string indicating at which point in EvolveLevel it was called.

It should be noted that ExtraOutputs is not written into parameter files on data dumps, though it can be added to restart parameter files. This is to prevent absurd amounts of data being written to disk. By design, this technique outputs many data dumps for each root grid timestep, following the W cycle. This has the added disadvantage of making the code slower, as disk access is rarely the fastest part of any machine.

In the code, overhead is minimized by wrapping the full function signature in a macro. New calls can be added with:

EXTRA_OUTPUT_MACRO(42, "After My Special Purpose")

where, of course, 42 is replaced by an integer not used by another output, and the string represents the location in the code. It is often instructive to include this output mechanism in EvolveHierarchy as well, though this has not been done in the current checkin.

Here’s a table of output number vs. position in EvolveLevel. Please refer to the Enzo Flow Chart, Source Browser to understand each entry. The non-continuity represents some outputs that will be introduced when MHDCT is merged, but not relevant for pure hydro.

Index Position in EvolveLevel
1 Before time loop
2 After SolveHydroEquations grid loop
25 After SetBoundaryConditions
3 Before UpdateFromFinerGrids
4 After UpdateFromFinerGrids
6 After the time loop