Building the Documentation

The documentation for Enzo (including this very document) is built using the reStructuredText (ReST) syntax which is parsed into final formats using the Sphinx engine. Sphinx is a python package which may be installed using the pip Python package installation tool like this:

$ pip install sphinx

Once that is installed, make sure that the binary sphinx-build is in your path ($ which sphinx-build). Relative to the top level of the Enzo package, the Enzo docs are in doc/manual. This directory contains a Makefile and a source directory. From within this directory, this command will parse the documents into a hierarchy of HTML files (identical what is on the web) into a new directory build:

$ make clean
$ make html

If that is successful, point your web browser to the file on disk (using the Open File… option of the File menu) build/html/index.html (this is relative to this same directory with the Makefile). On Mac OS X this command should work: open build/html/index.html. The docs should be nearly identical to what is online, but they are coming from the local machine.

Building a PDF of the Documentation

If (PDF)LaTeX is functional, is it possible to build a PDF of the Enzo documentation in one step. In the directory with the Makefile, use this command:

$ make latexpdf

If this is successful, the PDF will be build/latex/Enzo.pdf. The PDF might be preferred for some users, and can be searched all at once for a term, unlike a local copy of the HTML.

If PDFLaTeX is not working, $ make latex will not attempt to make the PDF. A PS or DVI (or whatever anachronistic thing your SPARCstation makes) can be made starting from build/latex/Enzo.tex.

Updating the Online Pre-Built Documentation

If you are an Enzo developer and need to update the current build of the documentation, simply modify the docs in the enzo-dev repository in the same way you would edit the source code. The docs exist in the enzo-dev/doc directory. Submit a pull request for these changes in the same way you would do so with source modifications. If accepted, these new docs will be available almost immediately at: