Enzo 2.4 documentation

Doing a Release¶

Periodically, the Enzo community creates an “official” release of the Enzo codebase. While running off of the Enzo mercurial repository is in general quite stable, doing official releases has other benefits. By doing releases, we acoomplish the following goals:

  • Periodically recognize the breadth and depth of the code contributions by our community.
  • Offer a “stable” platform with known properties to test against for people who are not heavily involved in Enzo development.
  • Announce to the wider computational astrophysics community about ongoing developments in the Enzo codebase.

Generally, releases happen via the contributions of a release manager and the author of the release e-mail.

The release manager is a senior member of the community whose responsibility is to ensure open pull requests are integrated into the code before the release, select a release e-mail author, and ensure that the checklist in this document is carried out.

The author of the release e-mail is generally someone who has made significant recent contributions to the code. This person may be at any seniority level, although in the past several releases (as of Enzo 2.4) this person has generally been either a postdoc or a grad student.

To do the release, the following tasks must be completed:

  • Update the README file in the root of the repository to reflect the current version. Also look over the document to correct any changes to repository locations, mailing list or social media addresses, or new contributors.

  • Update the CHANGELOG to include a new entry for the release. The demarcation between new features, enhancements, or bugfixes is up to the judgement of the release manager. Use the following format:

    == Version 2.x ==
    _Release Date: 1/19/2038
    * New Feature: A frobulator was added to the code to improve frobulation.
                   (PR xxx)
    * Enhancement: The moving mesh module now supports 11-dimensional meshes.
                   (PR YYY)
    * Bugfix: The retro-encabulator no longer instantiates sentient AIs.
              (PR ZZZ)
  • Update the conf.py file in the documentation to include the new version number.

  • Ensure that the answer tests are passing on the automated build machine.

  • Once all pull requests slated for the release have been merged, tag the final commit as the “enzo-2.x” release changeset.