Enzo 2.4 documentation

Enzo Parameter ListΒΆ

The following is a largely complete list of the parameters that Enzo understands, and a brief description of what they mean. They are grouped roughly by meaning; an alphabetical list is also available. Parameters for individual test problems are also listed here.

This parameter list has two purposes. The first is to describe and explain the parameters that can be put into the initial parameter file that begins a run. The second is to provide a comprehensive list of all parameters that the code uses, including those that go into an output file (which contains a complete list of all parameters), so that users can better understand these output files.

The parameters fall into a number of categories:

These are user parameters in the sense that they can be set in the parameter file, and provide the primary means of communication between Enzo and the user.
These are mostly not set in the parameter file (although strictly speaking they can be) and are generally used for program to communicate with itself (via the restart of output files).
No longer used.
To be used later.

Generally the external parameters are the only ones that are modified or set, but the internal parameters can provide useful information and can sometimes be modified so I list them here as well. Some parameters are true/false or on/off boolean flags. Eventually, these may be parsed, but in the meantime, we use the common convention of 0 meaning false or off and 1 for true or on.

This list includes parameters for the Enzo 2.3 release.