Enzo 2.4 documentation

Shock Finding ParametersΒΆ

For details on shock finding in Enzo see Shock Finding.

ShockMethod (external)

This parameter controls the use and type of shock finding. Default: 0

0 - Off
1 - Temperature Dimensionally Unsplit Jumps
2 - Temperature Dimensionally Split Jumps
1 - Velocity Dimensionally Unsplit Jumps
2 - Velocity Dimensionally Split Jumps
ShockTemperatureFloor (external)
When calculating the mach number using temperature jumps, set the temperature floor in the calculation to this value.
StorePreShockFields (external)
Optionally store the Pre-shock Density and Temperature during data output.
FindShocksOnlyOnOutput (external)
0: Finds shocks during Evolve Level and just before writing out data. 1: Only find shocks just before writing out data. 2: Only find shocks during EvolveLevel. Default: 0