Enzo 2.4 documentation

Cosmology ParametersΒΆ

ComovingCoordinates (external)
Flag (1 - on, 0 - off) that determines if comoving coordinates are used or not. In practice this turns on or off the entire cosmology machinery. Default: 0
CosmologyFinalRedshift (external)
This parameter specifies the redshift when the calculation will halt. Default: 0.0
CosmologyOmegaMatterNow (external)
This is the contribution of all non-relativistic matter (including HDM) to the energy density at the current epoch (z=0), relative to the value required to marginally close the universe. It includes dark and baryonic matter. Default: 0.279
CosmologyOmegaLambdaNow (external)
This is the contribution of the cosmological constant to the energy density at the current epoch, in the same units as above. Default: 0.721
CosmologyHubbleConstantNow (external)
The Hubble constant at z=0, in units of 100 km/s/Mpc. Default: 0.701
CosmologyComovingBoxSize (external)
The size of the volume to be simulated in Mpc/h (at z=0). Default: 64.0
CosmologyInitialRedshift (external)
The redshift for which the initial conditions are to be generated. Default: 20.0
CosmologyMaxExpansionRate (external)
This float controls the timestep so that cosmological terms are accurate followed. The timestep is constrained so that the relative change in the expansion factor in a step is less than this value. Default: 0.01
CosmologyCurrentRedshift (information only)
This is not strictly speaking a parameter since it is never interpreted and is only meant to provide information to the user. Default: n/a