Enzo 2.4 documentation

Other Parameters

Other External Parameters

huge_number (external)
The largest reasonable number. Rarely used. Default: 1e+20
tiny_number (external)

A number which is smaller than all physically reasonable numbers. Used to prevent divergences and divide-by-zero in C++ functions. Modify with caution! Default: 1e-20.

An independent analog, tiny, defined in fortran.def, does the same job for a large family of FORTRAN routines. Modification of tiny must be done with caution and currently requires recompiling the code, since tiny is not a runtime parameter.

Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use

Other Internal Parameters

TimeLastDataDump (internal)
The code time at which the last time-based output occurred.
TimeLastInterpolatedDataDump (internal)
The code time at which the last interpolated data dump occurred.
CycleLastDataDump (internal)
The last cycle on which a cycle dump was made
SubcycleLastDataDump (internal)
The last cycle on which a subcycle dump was made
TimeLastMovieDump (internal)
The code time at which the last movie dump occurred.
TimeLastTracerParticleDump (internal)
The code time at which the last tracer particle dump occurred.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
InitialCycleNumber (internal)
The current cycle
SubcycleNumber (internal)
The current subcycle
DataDumpNumber (internal)
The identification number of the next output file (the 0000 part of the output name). This is used and incremented by both the cycle based and time based outputs. Default: 0
MovieDumpNumber (internal)
The identification number of the next movie output file. Default: 0
TracerParticleDumpNumber (internal)
The identification number of the next tracer particle output file. Default: 0
Reserved for future use.
Reserved for future use.
DataLabel[#] (internal)
These are printed out into the restart dump parameter file. One Label is produced per baryon field with the name of that baryon field. The same labels are used to name data sets in HDF files.
Reserved for future use.
VersionNumber (internal)
Sets the version number of the code which is written out to restart dumps.