Enzo 2.4 documentation

Inline Analysis

Inline Halo Finding

Enzo can find dark matter (sub)halos on the fly with a friends-of-friends (FOF) halo finder and a subfind method, originally written by Volker Springel. All output files will be written in the directory FOF/.

InlineHaloFinder (external)
Set to 1 to turn on the inline halo finder. Default: 0.
HaloFinderSubfind (external)
Set to 1 to find subhalos inside each dark matter halo found in the friends-of-friends method. Default: 0.
HaloFinderOutputParticleList (external)
Set to 1 to output a list of particle positions and IDs for each (sub)halo. Written in HDF5. Default: 0.
HaloFinderMinimumSize (external)
Minimum number of particles to be considered a halo. Default: 50.
HaloFinderLinkingLength (external)
Linking length of particles when finding FOF groups. In units of cell width of the finest static grid, e.g. unigrid -> root cell width. Default: 0.1.
HaloFinderCycleSkip (external)
Find halos every Nth top-level timestep, where N is this parameter. Not used if set to 0. Default: 3.
HaloFinderTimestep (external)
Find halos every dt = (this parameter). Only evaluated at each top-level timestep. Not used if negative. Default: -99999.0
HaloFinderRunAfterOutput (external)
When turned on, the inline halo finder is run after an output is written. Default: 0
HaloFinderLastTime (internal)
Last time of a halo find. Default: 0.

Inline Python

PythonTopGridSkip (external)
How many top grid cycles should we skip between calling python at the top of the hierarchy? Only works with python-yes in compile settings.
PythonSubcycleSkip (external)
How many subgrid cycles should we skip between calling python at the bottom of the hierarchy?
PythonReloadScript (external)
Should “user_script.py” be reloaded in between Python calls?
NumberOfPythonCalls (internal)
Internal parameter tracked by Enzo
NumberOfPythonTopGridCalls (internal)
Internal parameter tracked by Enzo
NumberOfPythonSubcycleCalls (internal)
Internal parameter tracked by Enzo