Inline Analysis

Inline Halo Finding

Enzo can find dark matter (sub)halos on the fly with a friends-of-friends (FOF) halo finder and a subfind method, originally written by Volker Springel. All output files will be written in the directory FOF/.

InlineHaloFinder (external)
Set to 1 to turn on the inline halo finder. Default: 0.
HaloFinderSubfind (external)
Set to 1 to find subhalos inside each dark matter halo found in the friends-of-friends method. Default: 0.
HaloFinderOutputParticleList (external)
Set to 1 to output a list of particle positions and IDs for each (sub)halo. Written in HDF5. Default: 0.
HaloFinderMinimumSize (external)
Minimum number of particles to be considered a halo. Default: 50.
HaloFinderLinkingLength (external)
Linking length of particles when finding FOF groups. In units of cell width of the finest static grid, e.g. unigrid -> root cell width. Default: 0.1.
HaloFinderCycleSkip (external)
Find halos every Nth top-level timestep, where N is this parameter. Not used if set to 0. Default: 3.
HaloFinderTimestep (external)
Find halos every dt = (this parameter). Only evaluated at each top-level timestep. Not used if negative. Default: -99999.0
HaloFinderRunAfterOutput (external)
When turned on, the inline halo finder is run after an output is written. Default: 0
HaloFinderLastTime (internal)
Last time of a halo find. Default: 0.

Inline Python

PythonTopGridSkip (external)
How many top grid cycles should we skip between calling python at the top of the hierarchy? Only works with python-yes in compile settings.
PythonSubcycleSkip (external)
How many subgrid cycles should we skip between calling python at the bottom of the hierarchy?
PythonReloadScript (external)
Should “” be reloaded in between Python calls?
NumberOfPythonCalls (internal)
Internal parameter tracked by Enzo
NumberOfPythonTopGridCalls (internal)
Internal parameter tracked by Enzo
NumberOfPythonSubcycleCalls (internal)
Internal parameter tracked by Enzo