Cosmic Ray Two-Fluid Model ParametersΒΆ

For details on the cosmic ray solver in Enzo see Cosmic Ray Two-Fluid Model.

CRModel (external)

This parameter turns on the model. Default: 0

0 - Off
1 - On
For CR equation of state. Default: 4.0/3.0 (relativistic, adiabatic gas)
CRDiffusion (external)
Switches on diffusion of the cosmic ray energy density. Default: 0

0 - Off 1 - On with constant coefficient (CRkappa)

CRkappa (external)
Cosmic ray diffusion coefficient in CGS units (cm^2/s), Default: 0.0. For MW-like galaxies: 1E28.
CRCourantSafetyNumber (external)
Multiplies CR diffusion timestep, for stability should be <= 0.5. Default: 0.5
CRFeedback (external)
Specify fraction of star formation feedback energy should be diverted into the cosmic ray energy density. implemented ONLY for star_maker3 (feedback method 2). Default: 0.0
CRdensFloor (external)
Floor in gas density, can be imposed, for speed purposes (default 0.0 = off). Any value larger than 0.0 is on with that value as the floor in code units.